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Thanks to that romantic comedy movie, Sagada became a hotspot for Filipino tourists who want to visit every site that played a role in the movie. Here are some of the locations that were featured in this hit film:. Anyway, you can get to Kiltepan Viewpoint by jeep or by walking for roughly one hour. A jeepney ride will cost you back and forth, but if you manage to catch the sunrise, it will be worth it. Bencab Museum by Chip Sillesa via Flickr. Tribal artifacts are also abundant which should help you get a little closer to Sagada.

No need to enter every store you see — although it is incredibly tempting. The couple from the movie definitely went through lots of restaurants along the way, so it would be a shame to not identify them all.

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Dare your travel buddies to show you theirs. Resist the urge to chastise anyone for not answering their phone.

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Bonus points if you get a score of Triple bonus points if you find someone like JM De Guzman to do a duet with. Eh parang normal lang naman siya. If you want to take the exact same bus that the two characters rode, look for Victory Liner Bus No. Like love, travel has risks.

There are galleries devoted to BenCab and other National Artists like Arturo Luz and Ang Kiukok, as well as works of contemporary artists, collections of sculptures and tribal artifacts and erotica. You will want to.

That Thing Called Tadhana: The 7 Stages of Moving On | Candy

Bare your heart in this bar, just like Anthony did. Continue the conversation outside the bar. Scott Fitzgerald back to him. He also reveals to her what he has done in order to forget and move on from his ex-girlfriend who has long since moved on and forgotten about him.

Upon arriving in Sagada , Mace realizes that their belongings have been left behind. While a frantic Anthony tries to negotiate a way to go back, Mace tells him that the baggage does not matter anymore in her present life. As they await for the jeepney bound for Mount Kiltepan, in the freezing cold, Anthony gallantly drapes his sweater across her shoulders and for the first time spend a few minutes together in thoughtful silence.

They arrive at the camp late in the evening, lie down next to the fire beneath the open sky and talk about what they will wish for if a shooting star was to appear. They drift off to sleep, content with the idea that their wishes will surely be granted.

Official Trailer - 'That Thing Called Tadhana' - Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman

The next day dawns and they run together to a place at the edge of the mountain and the sea of clouds. There, Mace unloads herself of everything, screams all of her anger, all of her pain and of everything she has been unable say to her ex-boyfriend. Mace asks about what they did upon reaching the far end of Session Road in his dream. Anthony reveals that he woke up before he got to that part but tells her that if he were to add something to it, it would be that she turns to him slowly to say she will forget her ex-boyfriend. On the way home Anthony was walking Mace home when they found out that her ex Marco was by the gate waiting for Mace with a boquet of flowers asking for another chance.

Anthony and Mace were shocked so Anthony said goodbye to give them some time to talk.

Moving On Expressed in 7 Memorable Lines From That Thing Called Tadhana

On his way home Anthony was shocked with everything that happened for the past couple of days. All he did was smile. The Arrow was feeling heavier than usual even after losing The Heart pierced through him. The Arrow kept on going until he met The Heart again.

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The story resumed in where Anthony was driving through Manila. He was thinking about what Mace said about leaving your fate to the wind.

He said to himself that if you really love someone, you should go for it and not wait for the wind to blow her back to you and that you should pull so hard and not let go as long as you can. That Thing Called Tadhana strips romance down to its core.

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