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Singles stage a full frontal assault, with the Net and a 'love doctor' among their weaponry.

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It was a given. It happened fast and it happened organically. We both jumped in because we both just knew. Every one of my serious relationships, which have lasted anywhere from one year to five years, happened this way; not by playing games or following the "rules" or being cautious.

So, this is what I know. This is what I do. Should I beat myself up for that? Should I beat myself up for the fact that I am passionate, open, follow my intuition, and am willing to take risks, even if it means I don't follow any of the "rules? There's all this talk surrounding things we need to change about ourselves. I have tried to change many things about myself for many years, including how sensitive I am and how I may invest in a man or possible relationship too quickly with unabashed passion. I haven't been able to change them. Certainly, I have been able to be aware of triggers, how I react to things and so forth.

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Those things I can change. But the other things? I think they are just me. I think they are part of my make-up. And I think in trying to change them, it causes me more damage, because all it's doing is affirming that something about who I inherently am is wrong.

I am a healer, spiritual writer and teacher, actress My intuition is what allows me to do those things. I rely on my intuition to make a living. So, if I feel intuitively about a man, am I just supposed to start ignoring it Am I supposed to trust my intuition in one area of my life but not the other? I get excited about things, am passionate and feel emotions very deeply But, am I supposed to allow that excitement, passion and deep feeling only in certain parts of my life?

As a writer and actress, I have to put myself out there and take risks.

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In my writing, I share some very unflattering and embarrassing things about myself that are out there for the whole world to see It's just what I do. But should I compartmentalize that part of myself and not put myself out there or take risks with dating and relationships? SO, yes, when I have a good intuitive feeling about a man, I might open my heart too fast or invest too soon and want to dive in with open arms Whenever I have done this in the past, it has either become clear very quickly when it's not the right thing and I get to move on fast usually in weeks , or it has grown into a committed, long-term, deeply loving relationship.

Singles stage a full frontal assault, with the Net and a 'love doctor' among their weaponry.

If you are graceful, fun, respectful and supportive, you are NOT leading him on. You are being a wonderful self and he will enjoy you and understand if attraction is not there. Go hiking or workout together — thus you cross one thing off your to do list and you do it in a company of a man that could turn out to be a gem.

Most will be happy to help you with your car tune up, oil change or even Costco shopping. You can both get things done AND have a good time.


Why Date People You Have NO CHEMISTRY With?

You might even get surprised with how attractive he suddenly becomes. Get over yourself Because i f you only date chemistry people, you are more likely to jump in the sack too soon. Then you became obsessive Oxytocin-high and off goes your sense of reason. Remember, hot Brad Pitt is visibly noticed by every woman, but a little shy Paul Potts is the jewel that nobody understands until you get to know him.

You have graduated that phase and you can do what you have learned. Give a chance to Honest, Loving and Willing men, for they make awesome life partners. The native Tennessean suffered through eight nearly date-free years in Los Angeles prior to the advent of the Web. The Internet, she figures, might have spared her from The Question.

So mystified was she by the perils of the dateless in Los Angeles that she made a film about the subject. In "Duty Dating," shot at 28 locations around the city, an aggressive career woman makes a mess of her love life by pursuing men as if she were one herself.

She mends her ways with the help of a "love doctor" who coaches her in the awkward art of dating several men simultaneously and becoming, well, more womanly. The premiere of Norris' independent film attracted some singletons--many of them members of the online dating services Match.

In L.A., Dating Is No Game

The evening itself was a duty date for many of the trolling singletons who practiced flirting and making eyes at each other, according to guidelines set out by locally famous "love doctor" Pat Allen. Allen, a therapist with offices in Brentwood and Newport Beach, inspired the film and has been working with singles in Los Angeles for the last 37 years and who, not coincidentally, coached filmmaker Norris into her current relationship.

Before the film, Allen, a diminutive year-old in a drab-green suit, troops to the front of the theater and grabs a microphone with her signature take-no-prisoners manner. She squints across a theater about two-thirds filled with women and a third with men.

Three is diversification," Allen booms like a domineering grandmother.

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