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Who’s Your Celebrity Girlfriend?

Gets a little nervous around you, and may have trouble asking you out the first time he tries, but in the end when he finally does, it's worth it because you are hopelessly in love with him. Try to be all cool and collected, but then just gets to the point and asks you if you wanna go somewhere.

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Nicely done and a tiny bit long, but only enough that when he wakes up, he has slight bedhead. Protects his girl and cares for her.

Who is your Celebrity Soulmate? Famous Crush Personality Love Test!

Would do anything to defend her. Nothing beats those British accents Sure, the looks were a little over the top, but there was certainly no lack of great looking actresses. Ever dream about one in particular? Do you think you have what it takes to marry a celebrity? Celebrity , education , Hollywood. You know their faces and love their work, but did you know that these famous celebrities dropped out of high school?

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We're hitting up the club. We're going to an open mic night at a local cafe. A girl who loves constant partying.

  • Famous Date Quiz.
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  • What male celebrity would fall for you?.
  • i just started dating my best friend;

Which of the following quirks would you appreciate the most? Being excessively sweet to everyone, even strangers!

famous dating quiz Famous dating quiz
famous dating quiz Famous dating quiz
famous dating quiz Famous dating quiz
famous dating quiz Famous dating quiz
famous dating quiz Famous dating quiz

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