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After that, something happened and so I canceled my cellphone and disappeared Then sometime later, he sent me a package with his album in it. One song was starred by him and it was a song about his feelings after I had left him. Currently, we keep in touch sometimes.

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I heard he hasn't had a girlfriend ever since he first confessed his feelings to me. If she never intended to accept his feelings, why use him to get attention for herself like this? If that idol still has feelings for her, imagine how hurt he would be to hear this. Why can't she just keep things like this to herself? She's using someone who has feelings for her just to promote herself?

Jung Joon Young of 'Superstar K4' and actress Go Eun Ah are dating?

What does she even have in that head of hers? She's only making it worse for the other person. People who don't accept others' feelings and then go around bragging to their friends that so and so likes them. The song is suspected to be from his second solo album titled 'Crying'.

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Did she seriously think that netizens wouldn't be able to find something that took three minutes to search online? She has no respect for others. I'm about to say netizen should start researching but nvm seem like somebody have a mad skill tracking people. Oh what people would do for a small piece of the lime light.

Anyways, I hope she gets a drama soon, even if she's like this in variety shows, she's actually a good actress. I recommend watching Kpop Extreme Survival.

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If the man is really Heo Young Saeng, she said he didn't date after confessing. But didn't Youngsaeng had dating rumors as I remember. Either she is exaggerating or he is not Young Saeng. Lmao netizens have sharp eyes and thinking And yet you left a comment saying she's not worth leaving a comment. I was gonna say "nugu? Crying was his title track on that album. Plus I'm pretty sure Eun Ah has more than two idol friends so?????? Maybe learn some English first? I'm so glad this show will end soon. They talk about such shallow things. Netizens seriously good in tracking who is who I think, she said it just because she is still touched with the guy.

It leaves her a very deep impression, that's why she told it. If I were the guy, I dont think its embarassing or impolite. Love is never embarassing, although its just one-sided love.. I hope people will stop barking about her kissing mir too, its just a quick peck, they are just playing around.

Go Eun Ah and the Mir shade

I really dont understand what's wrong with kissing your family, its a quick peck, tough. People have to learn do differenciate delicate kiss with sexual kiss. Plus Eun Ah said this person was a childhood friend yet she and YS aren't from the same neighborhood they still could've been friends when they were young, but not likely nor do I think they went to school together or anything. And there are plenty idols with sad songs on their albums and I'm pretty sure Eun Ah has more than just 2 idol friends so I feel bad for her and her family. It's like she had work done and it ended up making her look more like her brother.

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She was quite popular during her debut days. She actually played the lead role in a drama last year: I haven't watched more than four episodes because of a lack of time, but I plan on finishing it because it may not be super original, but it's not as a bad as I thought it'd be, it's even pretty good imo.

What a creepy photo. Anyway, she knows how to market herself and stay somewhat relevant enough to at least appear in variety shows and a few dramas. She's a business woman. I don't think Go Eun Ah can be considered an actress I mean even Lee Yeon Hee is better than her because at least she gets roles despite her crap acting. She's an angel reincarnated, after all.

I was like "that face looks familiar" and then I found out she was Mir's noona I dont know how or why she suddenly is "scandalous".. That's how I know her.


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I believe the reason why she was criticized was because it wasn't like a quick peck. Mir didn't want to kiss her he felt awkward but she kinda forced him by his neck, infront of the guy she was in a date with and with cameras around. Plus you tend to do that kind of greetings in your house, not in public places lol.

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Go eun ah jaejoong dating

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