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He added that having a girlfriend is not yet his priority and he is still contented with the love his fans give him. The rumors sparked when the two were caught shopping for groceries. Doyeong also confirmed their relationship on a television interview. On the interview, Doyeoung was hailed as the Chocolate Girl because she claimed to be eating only chocolate for the past six years.

Further, Woollim Entertainment confirmed the dating speculation.

Dating History

However, after the publicized relationship scandal, it seemed that the relationship did not work well and L said the relationship was part of his past wherein he needs to work on. On a lighter note, L admitted that his ideal type is Suzy since she has a long wavy hair and an innocent behavior. Another single member of Infinite is Hoya. In an interview, Hoya said that they are still very busy to have a girlfriend. Though they think of dating someone, they never had the luxury of time for any romantic gestures. As a sign of having good manners, they want their CEO to have a girlfriend first.

Even if Hoya is not in a relationship, he is looking forward to have a girlfriend who skinny and sexy. And not only that, he added that his future girl should be respectful, unconventional, knowledgeable and multilingual.

Though considered as the black sheep of the group, Sunnjong admitted that even if he is not in a relationship, he likes funny girls like Kim Shin Young and Kyung Lim. There is something about them that makes his heart skip a bit. He also added that girls that are pretty and cute could also be his ideal woman. Even though he admitted his ideal woman, he kept his personal life private and has never talked about his past and romantic relationship.

Infinite Girlfriends Causing Scandals

In fact,that's what he said '' if I'm crying hard, you guys will swear at me, I'm smiling, you guys will swear at me. As for me i don't even care. I'm so tired of it, of all you people. Me too, I'm tired of hearing this story, but there are still people swearing at Myungsoo. Me too I cried.

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Stop harassing Myungsoo with his relationship already. Are you gonna keep harassing him again and again?

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Dongwoo ill-mannered girl friend out here in Starbucks without any shoes on straddling him All I'm saying infinite should date in peace they are human beings too but those girls they choose need to respect the member's image too. Feb 18, Messages: Potato land, land of the cuties.

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When did this happen? Queen , LovelySerenity and haylucky like this. Honestly, it's not even how she's sitting that's getting to me. I see people doing that all the time, and as long as their legs aren't in the way of others then I really couldn't care less. I don't care that he's dating her, they both deserve happiness. What is getting me, is the lack of shoes. Since I was little my mother has burned into my head "always wear shoes in public, you don't know what's one these floors" and it's just common courtesy to wear your shoes.

Maybe Dongwoo and his girlfriend wanted to get caught? I mean, they'd have to be pretty out of it to not realize that Dongwoo has fans that will recognize him and take pictures. Mar 16, Messages: Being really far up Chanyeol's Ass Location: I sometimes get a bit annoyed when people get careless-I think its ridiculous that idols need to hide relationships to begin with-but when you're dating an idol have the fucking decency to try and keep it secret because it being revealed will create a massive backlash that can cause serious damage mentally, emotionally, and career wise as well.

Oct 31, Messages: Honestly felt so bad for Myungsoo, but in Dongwoo's case I'm like c'monnnnn. He obviously has the right to date and to do that freely, but that girl lacks commom decency and manners and he should have warned her or something, people were going to be angry regardless of her being without shoes and sitting like that in a public place, but they made it that much worse.

hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours
hoya dating rumours Hoya dating rumours

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