Scorpio woman dating pisces man

What is more interesting that the Scorpio woman will not let her secrets out easily, until she finds that the listener deserves to know her from deep inside. Once the Pisces man shows his true qualities of being a very good listener and a gentle person, she will surely feel confident to reveal all. The Pisces man should also beware her need to know all. She will not accept any form of lies from the person she opens up to.

Even little lies may cause big problems. The Pisces man should know that it is best to tell all and be very frank in this sensitive relationship. Clear and open communication is the key. The Scorpio woman is also a believer of love at first sight.

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When she meets the caring Piscean man and sees his need to know her better, she will be swept off her feet. The Piscean trait of trying to know his partner's emotional calling is very well received by the Scorpio woman.

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She will see this as the ultimate form of romantic attraction. The dreamy Pisces man will use art, music, and even candle lights to create moments that exist in fantasies.


For the Scorpio woman, this will be as good as attainment of bliss. If any sign other than Scorpio is capable of understanding Scorpio, it is Pisces. There is an emotional depth to Scorpio that not everyone is ready to face and Pisces are ready to face anything in the field of emotions. The sign of Pisces represents our oceans and seas, while Scorpio represents rivers.


Each river flows into the ocean or the sea, and this reflects the emotional connection between these signs in the best possible way. Pisces partner will have the ability to disperse the intensity of emotion from their Scorpio partner. This is a special connection in which Scorpio partner needs to focus their emotions and Pisces partner needs to give them a purpose.

However difficult and dark they both might get, they will share a deep emotional understanding that should be followed to see where their relationship will lead. Still, their mutual love for a connection with emotions and the depth of their emotional connection, will give them just enough shared values to hold on to.

Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars and there is always a certain admiration for chivalry. Pisces represent all the fairytales in which a prince became a hero and married a beautiful girl.

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Pisces partner has a mission to teach Scorpio how to reach their fairytale through chivalry, and they should both stay focused on creating their shared dreamland, royalty or not. When it comes to activities they could share, they will probably be inseparable whatever they do.

If Scorpio gets tied to their Pisces partner, this might become tiresome for both of them, for too much scattered activity of Pisces can be irritating for focused Scorpio and the obsessive nature of Scorpio might weigh Pisces down. Still, they will have enough energy to follow each other and it should be easy for them to find shared interests.

The main problem with the time they spend together could be the unconscious negativity of Scorpio partner. It might endanger the positive, happy image of the world Pisces want to carry around and this could push Pisces partner away if their emotional connection is not strong enough to keep them together.

When Scorpio and Pisces come together, this relationship will probably give them both new insights on emotional possibilities. They will both easily get carried away into an image of a fairytale love, and this image could keep them together for a very long time, even if they are both not that happy.

Scorpio Woman – Pisces Man

Pisces man and Scorpio woman have basically different personality to be kept up by others. However, they match well each other.

As an independent woman, Scorpio often stubborn and tends to take the lead in their relationship. He has a nurturing side that every woman would love so much. While most men are hard to listen, Pisces man is different. No matter how long it takes for you to finish your story, he will be patiently listening to you. More than that, he gives you the best solution in the end. If a Pisces man is pictured as food, then it contained all the ingredients.

Pisces Man - Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

You can feel all taste from sweet, sour, hot, and cold. He gives everything that all his partner want and need without being asked to. Pisces man has his own personality traits under the signs he was born. The symbol of the zodiac are two fishes swimming in opposite directions. He is a tender man that every woman would like.

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